When SFA Students for Biden outreach worker Launa Castaneda first heard that Joe Biden had secured enough Electoral College votes to win the presidency, she dropped everything to celebrate.

“I was in the dining hall when I found out,” she said. “I had family members texting me. I threw away my food, went to my room and called my family.”

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Unfortunately, this black student has been totally indoctrinated and misguided about the Democratic Party. He doesn't know that it was Democrats that kept me as a black person from attending SFA. It was Democrats that fought hard to keep schools from being integrated. Democratic Governor Faubus of Arkansas used the state militia to keep blacks from attending Central High School in Arkansas. Democratic Governor George Wallace of Alabama who was complicit in the beating John Lewis at the Pettus Bridge by a Democratic contingent. The Chief of police of Birmingham used attack dogs and fire hoses against blacks during peaceful demonstrations. He hasn't been taught that the Democratic Party was complicit in the creation of the KKK and Jim Crow Laws during the 1860s. The Democratic Party didn't flip because the last visible member of the KKK was still in the party until Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, a Grand Cyclops of the KKK died in 2010. He doesn't know that Biden referred to black as predators and said that he could keep blacks from being back on chains. He also said he didn't want his children in a racial jungle back when blacks were trying to get into better schools. Blacks the only group of people that vote as a monolith for one party Democrats. Biden has been in Congress for 47 years 8 years with Obama and they haven't done anything for Black Americans PER SE in all those years. Finally, MLK was a registered Republican. As a college student one can research for correct information and not be at the mercy of institutional indoctrination or the biased media.

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