The number of active coronavirus cases in Nacogdoches County continued to rise this week along with fatalities of county residents.

Texas Health and Human Services on Friday estimated 120 active cases, up from 56 estimated in the middle of November. Active cases peaked in July and early August, when they were estimated at more than 400.

Since Wednesday, the state has added two more fatalities, bringing the total for Nacogdoches County residents to 84.

Ninety-nine Angelina County residents have died of the virus, and Angelina County’s active cases were estimated at 205 on Friday. Active case estimates for other East Texas counties as of Friday evening were 30 in Shelby County, 23 in San Augustine, 195 in Rusk County and 56 in Cherokee County, according to Health and Human Services.

Nacogdoches County’s two hospitals are treating 20 patents with COVID-19, three of whom are in intensive care, according to SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council. In Angelina County, 43 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized.

Both SFA and local public schools have dismissed for the Thanksgiving break, with SFA planning to host classes virtually for the remainder of 2020. Nacogdoches and other county public schools will resume classes on Monday.

More than 21,200 fatalities from COVID-19 have been reported statewide. The highest number of estimated active cases is being reported in El Paso County, with more than 37,400. Dallas and Harris counties follow, with 20,189 and 19, 226 cases, respectively.

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